My story – how I missed out on my dream watch.

Many years back, before the hype had really started I was browsing HQ Miltons site for something really extra, but still something I could wear as my daily watch.

I had long back decided I wanted a brown dialed watch – and I found it! A 1972 Rolex Root Beer 1675 with beautiful sharp edges and preserved bevels/chamfer. Mailed Jacek and he confirmed it was their best GMT in stock at the moment.

I would wear it with that kind of leather NATO – very casual. Also I would have the datebubble removed, beacause its the only feature on a Rolex I dissaprove of. I feel it disturbs the harmony when I look at the watch.

So I started checking how to do this. I decided I didnt want a shipment over the Atlantic to Sweden. Instead I should ship to a friend in New York to pick it up there later, in person.

So far so good – I was ready to order and pay. But, I knew I would not be able to use their guarantee after it was home in Sweden, cause shipping it to US was too much of a risk as I saw it. So I asked Jacek and he said he could ask their watchmaker to take an extra look to estimate any service need. That was a mistake…

Jacek had said it was the best GMT in store, why did I not just take a chance on his word. Why was I so anxious and wary? Jacek is and was a very well renowned seller in the business of second hand watches. Why did i need extra reassuring?

After a couple of days I thought all was getting too silent. I mailed Jacek. He told me had decided to give the watch to his wife (girlfriend?) so it was no longer for sale.

Puuh – I was stunned and so sad. I understood if he had sold it to someone entering the store with money in the hand or to anybody more decisive than I was, or maybe giving it to his loved one as the story was.

My complaint was only against myself.

So, I never saw any similar watch after that and then came the hype and the prices are now at a level that I am not prepared to buy for. But missing the price increase is not my biggest regret. I would have loved this watch as my daily wearer not being an ordinary sports Rolex, but a wonderful vintage Rolex very special to me.

Me being too cautious made me stumble and miss out on my dream watch.

Today I have a brown dialed watch, not a Rolex, but thats another story with lots of love in it.

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